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Health Walks

Normally 1 hour walks, but occasionally a little longer.

Detailed descriptions of the walks.

Intermediate Walks

Normally 2 hour walks, but occasionally longer.

Detailed descriptions of the walks.


These Walking Groups were set up to allow people to enjoy  the wonderful area that we live in. To take people to places they wouldn't normally go with a chance to experience the views, the flowers and trees, the old fincas, etc.


We walk as a single group. Although the group might spread out a bit, we regularly stop to allow the back to catch up. The walks are not a race and we have always encouraged the walkers to walk at a pace that they are happy with.


The safety of our walkers is paramount. The walk routes are designed to avoid putting the walkers in danger, particularly from traffic and therefore it is important that the walkers stick to the defined route. That is why it is important that the head of the group does not lose contact with the tail, so that we are aware of any problems that might occur amongst the group.


This is the way we have been running our group for over 10 years. We hope our walkers understand this and why it is important.


Many thanks for your continued support,

Karen & Clive


Please be aware: members taking part in these groups do so entirely at their own risk. Members are responsible for their own medical cover.

Walk Schedules

We try to keep the Walk Schedules for the Health Walks and Intermediate Walks up to date covering the next 4 weeks or so of walks. Once a walk has been scheduled and published on the web, we try very hard not to change it. However, sometimes this is unavoidable, and the schedule has to be changed. Please be aware of this possibility and look at the Walk Schedule regularly to check for possible changes (especially if you like to print out the schedule periodically).

If, on the day of a walk, the walk needs to cancelled (due to the weather or some other unforeseen event), then a Cancellation Message will be added at the top of this page (underneath the animated walkers).
It is your responsibilty to check this page an hour before the walk is due to start.